Akita Fall Sake Tasting 2012

Akita Sake Happi Coat

The genius behind the Akita Sake Club’s bi-annual tasting event is that, contrary to the name, they don’t limit their sakes to Akita sakes only. About half are from Akita, but it’s a wonderful chance to taste sakes from all over Japan with an emphasis on Akita.

This event was also the debut of some spiffy new Happi coats (featuring Akita’s famous Namahage) worn by volunteers pouring sake.

The event was packed! Lots of sake fans came from all over the city to eat some traditional Akita foods and pair that with wonderful Akita Sakes.

IWC award winning sake Fukukomachi

A special treat this year was the Daiginjo Fukukomachi from the Akita Kimura Shuzo. This sake was the International Wine Challange Champion Sake for 2012. What a treat to try this brew! I went back a few times for a taste of this delicious, smooth and subtle sake. It had a wonderful rounded flavor with a short finish – and sublime balance. Well done!

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