Japan Trip 2010: Koyoido – Kyoto’s Cutest Sake Ceramics

Rie and Ren of Koyoido

The 21st Century is turning out to be kinda hectic so far, with everyone’s Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and Flickr streams constantly demanding attention. However, the obvious upside to all this technology is that it allows people to connect with one another.

This is exactly what happened to me when I met the adorable Ren and Rie, a couple who run what has to be the the cutest ceramics atelier in Kyoto: Koyoido.

It all started on twitter when a message & photo sent by Ren about a beautiful sake set they recently created caught my eye and I commented on it.

Koyoido sake cups

We started a conversation and I soon discovered Ren & Rie’s passion for making artisanal ceramics for use with sake and appetizers. Before you knew it, I had my plans set to visit their small atelier on my next trip to Kyoto.

When I arrived at their shop I was welcomed warmly and we sat down for a discussion of enjoying sake and ceramics. I was so charmed to learn that Ren and Rie met at ceramics classes in Kyoto and are now running their ceramics business together.

They expressed to me their true enjoyment of sharing sake, appetizers and the wonderful company of friends. This spirit is alive and well in their ceramics, which have a simple, elegant and fun vibe. As one example of this, they showed me a delightful series of sake ceramics they made that also all double as musical instruments such as chimes, bells, drums and whistles which you can view on their website here.

I has such a good time visiting with Ren and Rie in Kyoto! Well, now, this being the 21st Century, you can check out Koyoido online, too!
Website: Koyoido.com
Blog: Koyoido Blog
Photos: Koyoido on flickr
Tweets: Koyoido on Twitter