Kagatobi Night at Shinbashi Restaurant

Another Night, Another Kagatobi! The good folks from Fukumitsuya Brewery have been in town and hosting events all over the city. Last Thursday was a special night with Kagatobi sake flowing freely, all poured by Mr. Yageta vising all the way from the brewery! They were offering a special price on the bottle of Kagatobi Junmai Ginjo with appetizers included. Who could resist?

I enjoyed myself a lot on this trip to Shinbashi. Chef Nakajima commands the sushi bar and is the very image of what you expect in a sushi chef. White coat and hat? Check. Deadly serious knife skills? Check. Encyclopedic knowledge of fish? Check. Funny wit and unexpected joke to keep you laughing? Check!!

The fish I enjoyed this night at Shinbashi was delicious! Kagatobi Junmai Ginjo is a wonderful sake for pairing with the best fish. It’s clean, smooth and round with a whisper of rice essence on the palate. You should also know that Fukumitsuya Brewery is located in kanazawa City, Ishikawa Japan. Kanazawa is world famous for it’s high quality fish… so these brewers know good fish and good sake. IN addtion to the Junmai Ginjo, We also enjoyed the refreshing and creamy Kagatobi Junmai Nigori Sparkling.

As Yageta-san continued to pour delicious Kagatobi, Chef Nakajima also wowed our palates with delicious fiddlehead fern tempura and clam miso soup – just yum! If you missed Kagatobi Night at Shinbashi – check out these pics to see what went down. Hope to see you at the next sake event! Kanpai!