Kamoizumi Junmai Daigingo

I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. I went with my friend Michael to a cool east village noodle bar called Momofuku and found myself with carte blanc to pick the sake we were to enjoy that evening. Talk about pressure… not only did I need to ensure my own enjoyment of the sake for the evening, but now I was responsible for others. Building that confidence is what would make a great Sake Sommelier, I’m sure. well, I’m not there yet. To my credit, I must say I had already tasted some of the items on the menu, so the decision was made for the most part to try something new. By process of elimination , I ended up going with the Kamoizumi Junmai Daigingo. it happened to be the most expensive bottle on the Momofuku menu, and a daiginjo. To be on the safe side, we asked the waitress for her 2 cents after she offered to help us and she said it was her favorite on the menu. was good enough for me – done deal.

My hopes were high for an earth-shattering, spiritually-connected, soul-searing DaiGinjo experience. However, when the Sake hit the palate. Kamoizumi Junmai Daigingo just didn’t deliver as hoped.

For me, I would say the nose was strongly perfumed… to my nose like honeysuckle. Overall, this sake left me with the feeling it was channeling Blanche Dubois… a little bit of deranged aging southern belle… quite sweet and with sugary, almost sickly, aromatic honeysuckle notes along with with a quick, wispy finish that was barely there. here is what someone online had to say about this sake

Kamoizumi Junmai Daigingo

rich tropical fruit aromas blended with a roasted rice flavor and an earthy finish

The food at Momofuku actually did a lot to prop up this sake.
I ordered the yummy chicken noodle soup with a hearty broth, a bombastic tangle of homemade noodles, chicken chunks and meaty shitaki mushrooms. The sweetness of the sake actually worked well to cut the fatty flavor of the noodles and soup.

The 500ml bottle we were served is quickly becoming my least favorite size. too much for one person, not quite enough to share between two sake hounds. Another lesson i’ve learned tonight – always ask what size you’re getting when ordering a bottle.

When all is said and done, this gentleman caller is going to take a pass the next time Kamoizumi Junmai Daigingo is on my dance card.

I give this sake 3 out of 5 sake bottles
[rate 3.0]