Kuramoto US Sake Promotion Event

A Sake Industry promotion company called “Kuramoto US” recently put on a sake tasting event at the fantastic Kitano Hotel. Twelve Sake breweries were featured at the tasting, many bringing their precious and fresh Namazake for us to try. That delicious Namazake was really a highlight – but several were only for this tasting and not for sale in the US – yet!

It was really an exciting event with the attendees comprised of restaurant owners, bar managers and other food and beverage professionals. I got to meet some brewers and taste some great sakes! I can’t wait for the next Kuramoto US event!

Welcome to the Kuramoto US sake tasting!

Haruo Okasora Introduces Chiyomusubi

Chiyomusubi sake - Cup sake! My favorite!!

Michiko Kanehira presents her delicous Tomoju sake

Hidetomo Suto of Ehime's Seiryo Shuzo