VOS Selections features Prestige Sakes

As a part of their 2010 Grand Portfolio Tasting, I attended a wonderful sake lecture by Kazu Yamazaki of Prestige Sakes. Kazu and Mariko Yamazaki work tirelessly to promote sake and introduce their wonderful Prestige Sakes to the US. Kazu-san’s fun lecture was focused on the “grand cru” of sakes… Daiginjos and Junmai Daiginjos! ohhh. I knew this was going to be a rough tasting going in – but I knuckled down and tasted eight fantastic daiginjo grade sakes.

Sakes tasted were:

The big take away for me was that however much you may think that Daiginjo Sakes are the same each has a nuance and subtle nature all it’s own. I could get used to this.

Mariko-san Introduces Prestige sakes

Kazu-san Teaching about Daiginjo Grand Cru sakes

Tasting map of 8 sakes

Sakes on display