Masumi Hits the Big Apple!

Masumi Arabashiri

There are a few signs of Spring that are unmistakeable… That first warm day when you step outside and smell that fresh clean air, the blossoming of the nearby trees and of course, the arrival of Masumi Arabashiri!

Miyasaka Brewery just arrived in town and have kicked off a week of events all around New York to herald the arrival of this luscious, full throttle nama. The seasonal Arabashiri arrives this year with a taste we sake lovers covet and with a limited availability we also lament. Tying in nicely with the Japanese notion of seasonality, it’s only available in the Spring… so let’s drink up.

I’ve already got a head start on most as I attended an Arabashiri kick off event at Kibo restaurant this past Monday. Keith and Miyasaka-san Jr. were in town and poured several of their sakes for many eager guests. It was a wonderful night and a great way to start the unofficial “masumi week” in New York.

If drinking some Arabashiri with the brewers sounds good to you – it’s not too late! You can still catch up with them at several events this week! Check out my Sake Events Calendar for dates and locations and join me to welcome spring in my favorite way!