Masumi Sake Events in New York City!

Masumi Arabashiri

When I was a little kid, I knew Easter and the promise of Spring was on it’s way whenever I saw those Cadbury bunny chocolate eggs start to appear in the supermarket. I would also totally get a tummy ache from always eating too many, but despite this small roadblock, I still looked forward to them every year.

Now that I’m all grown up, I have a similar herald to the coming of spring: Masumi Arabashiri Nama Sake! Masumi sake brewery was in town to promote the arrival of this delicious Nama. In all, I attended three Masumi events in just a matter of days.

Here’s a rundown of the Masumi Sake events that were happening in the city!

Masumi Arabashiri Pre-Release Tasting at Sakagura
Sakagura hosted a delicous and fun reception to welcome Masumi Arabashiri. Masumi President Mr. Miyasaka was on hand as well as Brand Representative Keith Norman. I first met Keith at this very spot at another Masumi Sake tasting in 2006. Mr. Miyasaka I met for the first time at the Sake Samurai Ceremony in 2007. It was great to meet them both again and such a treat to drink their fantastic sakes!

Along with some delicious appetizers, Sakagura was pouring the following sakes for the guests at this event:

With Mr. Miyasaka at Sakagura

With Keith Norman & Masumi Sake at Sakagura

Masumi Sake Pairing dinner at 1 or 8 Restaurant

1 or 8” is a new-ish Japanese restaurant located deep inside Williamsburg, Brooklyn. On the upside, the space is gigantic and the food delicious but on the downside, well… there is no downside. Masumi was wise to pick this space for a wonderful pairing dinner with their sake. The menu was unique with the biggest standout being the duck course. Along with some superb sushi, I was in hog heaven. It’s doubly great to find a new restaurant and also find your favorite sake there.

Quite a crowd for Masumi at 1 or 8

Pouring Masumi at 1 or 8 Restaurant

Andrew from World Sake Imports Introduces Masumi

Masumi Sake Tasting Reception at EN Japanese Brasserie

EN Japanese Brasserie was my third stop in the Masumi Triumvirate. EN knows how to put on a tasting and this Masumi event was no exception. With some of their delicious and most famous appetizers, EN set the perfect backdrop for some seriously delicious sake. Mr. Miyasaka introduced his Arabashiri again and I really fell hard for this year’s offering. The namas that come in from Japan taste different from year to year and Iity can tell you without a doubt that this year is a winner for Masumi! Their Arabashiri is a gem and well work the price of admission.

I enjoyed all the Masumi events and I hope they come back to New York City again soon!

Miyasaka-san and Keith-san Introduce Masumi

Masumi Nanago just chillin'

Pouring Masumi for the Guests at EN