Mu does not come from cows.

I knew mu would be good! saw it on the menu at decibel under the daigingo listings. one of the 3 more affordable daigingos. – by that I mean under $15 a glass

Mu is indeed yummy, and excellent for the price.    The taste was clean, very smooth, but not too smooth — there was a slight kick at the finish. This makes me feel Mu could hold up against more flavorful junmais and Gingos.  Also, there were subtle hints of fruity flavors – like a whisp of melon or something similar. The character on the label makes me think of the brandenburg gate in Berlin. I’ve learned after my years in Germany the Germans love those abstract designs.

Just a few more things about Mu… ALC content 15%. Made with Yamada Nishiki Saké rice. Maybe someday I’ll know what that means! Oh, one more thing – This is a Junmai Daigingo… no brewers distilled alcohol has been added. All in all, Mu is wonderful – but not my top top pick. Try it, you’ll like it.

my sake Rating:
Mu Junmai Dai-Gingo earns 4 out of 5 sake bottles
[rate 4.0]