Ozeki – Size does matter!


Now I’ve already broken my own rule about buying cheap sake. However, when I saw this gigantic 1.5 liter bottle of Ozeki saké on sale at Mitsuwa, I simply could not refuse. It didn’t help that the Japanese shoppers were stuffing them into their shopping carts as if there was no tomorrow. Did they know something I didn’t? Was this an amazing steal? So, i went in for size… the price? $5.99. oh, I know, i know. BUT all this sake tasting is purely in the name of Urban Saké blog research!

This stuff is made in the USA. it is the ONLY way it could be this cheap. and i guess Ozeki is the most well known kura in the states? maybe? not sure. All i know is that I can find Ozeki in every thai, chinese and other asian resturant in the city.

How does it taste? Well, I have to say, this stuff does not taste as awful as I thought it would. Don’t get me wrong, it did at first. I mean, it really needed to warm up a little. right out of the fridge, I tasted serious paint thinner overtones. Now that it’s warmed up a bit (and so have I), there is a slight rice-ball tinge with a slight aroma of bark. yeah, like on a tree. There is 16% alcohol so it has a firm bite that is a little frayed around the edges. All in all, i think this fits the bill for sipping after work and other not so special occasions where price is a concern.

My Saké rating
Ozeki-sized Ozeki earns 2 of a possible 5 Saké Bottles
[rate 2.0]