NYC: Katsuyama Brewery at NY Vintners

New York Vintners Hosts:
East Meets West – Katsuyama Brewery at NY Vintners
January 23 at 1-3pm

Saturday, January 23rd, New York Vintners will host a special guest and provide an incredible opportunity to taste super premium sakes unavailable in the United States. Mr. Jihei Isawa, Vice President of Katsuyama Brewery, will be in the country for just a couple of days to introduce his new line of sakes to the American market and New York Vintners is fortunate enough to be on his itinerary.

The Isawa family is one of the most prestigious families in Northern Japan and owns a large part of Miyagi prefecture, where the Katsuyama brewery is located. His new line of “Modern Shudo” sakes are currently being offered on all ANA first class flights, and his ‘centrifuge drip’ junmai daiginjo, NEVER BEFORE IN THE UNITED STATES, is expected to retail at around $1,000 USD. Seating is limited.

Katsuyama “Ken” Junmai Ginjo
Katsuyama “Akatsuki” Centrifuge Drip Junmai Daiginjo
Katsuyama “Gen” Junmai Daiginjo Genroku
Yukikage Tokubetsu Junmai
G Genshu Joy
Jokigen Junmai Ginjo
Momokawa Pearl Nigori Genshu
Katsuyama Genroku Aged Junmai

New York Vintners
21 Warren Street New York, NY

Event Price: $45.00 + tax

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