NYC: Sake Hana Aged Sake Class 1

sake-hana.jpgSake Class V:Aged sake(for beginners)

If you like fortified wine such as sherry, port, Madeira, Marsala, you definitely will like aged sake.
Most of sake is made to be drunk young, within a year. But aged sake is not. You can enjoy it after years to be aged. Some are aged more than 30 years. The color is brown, taste is sweet and really rich flavor.

But if you have never tried aged sake, come and join our sake class in April. This month we feature aged sake for beginners. Enhance your sake knowledge.

Guest speaker: Masa Omichi from Le Bernardin (2nd place of 2006 Eastern U.S. Sake Sommelier Competition)

Date: April 18th(SAT)
Place: Sake Hana(78th street, bet 2nd & 3rd)
Time: 6pm starts
Tickets: Available @ Sake Hana
Contact : [email protected] or 646-498-4224