NYC: Tasters Guild Sake Tasting

TastersGuildNy Discovering 10 Handcrafted Artisanal Sake
Organizers Description:
Sake is one of the fastest growing segments in the wine market, fueled by the increase in popularity of Asian, and particularly Japanese cuisine. NY’s better wine shops now carry a plethora of small production Sakes, while top Asian restaurants, like Nobu, Megu and Maturi carry a complete line of Sakes. What is less expected is that some of NY’s best non-Japanese restaurants are jumping on the Sake bandwagon. Chanterelle offers a wide variety of Sake and matches Sake to at least one course on their famed tasting menu. Dating from the dawn of history, the art of brewing Sake has been a Japanese tradition. Americans are beginning to realize what the Japanese have known all these years, that Sake is a wonderful beverage, either by itself or with food.
Join us with Monica Samuels a well known Sake Ambassador, who will explain the origins of Sake and how Sake was brewed from rice and water, like beer. For each Sake, 10 of them, of varying styles, she will discuss the classification, region, tasting notes, and suggested food pairings.

243 east 34st (2nd/3rd)
NYC, NY 10016
ph. 212-501-7823

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