Timothy Sullivan Bio

With his first sip in 2005, Timothy Sullivan simply fell in love with premium Japanese sake. This inspired him to start the first sake blog in the United States: UrbanSake.com. His passion for sake has grown this site into America’s leading resource for sake related news, events and education. In 2007, the Japanese Sake Brewer’s Association awarded Sullivan the title of “Sake Samurai” in recognition of his work to promote sake outside of Japan.

Since then, Timothy has studied and received professional sake certifications from The Sake Education Council, The Sake School of America, the Sake Service Institute and the Wine & Spirits Education Trust. He has gone on to become a respected educator, teaching the next generation of sake professionals for the Sake School of America, the WSET Sake certification programs as well as in private sake seminars and sake tasting workshops.

In October 2016, Timothy was the first person ever to receive a Cultural Activities Visa from the Japanese Government to study the art of sake making for one year at Hakkaisan Sake Brewery in Niigata, Japan. Currently, Timothy Sullivan continues his efforts full time in the sake industry, working to introduce what the Japanese call ‘the drink of the gods’ to new fans in the U.S. and around the world.

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