Rihaku Night at Sakagura

Rihaku Tasting Set

After a fun night at the Akita Sake Tasting, I was ready for more, so I made my way over to Sakagura for their advertised Rihaku Sake Night! I Saw Rihaku’s President Mr. Yuichiro Tanaka recently at the Japan Society event, so I was looking forward to trying more delicious Rihaku.

Rihaku Shuzo was founded in 1882 in Shimane Prefecture Japan and is named for a famous poet who is kown to have said, “I drink a bottle, and can write 100 poems.” The same is true for me, but with sake blog posts instead.

The sake is well known to many in the USA as it’s been imported for years and is very popular. If you haven’t tried Rihaku yet, what are you waiting for?!

The Sakagura “Rikhau tasting set” consisted of the following:

Even if you missed the Sakagura event, it’s never to late to give delicious Rihaku a try. Drink a bottle and write 100 poems of your own! Kanpai!!