Rihaku Tokubetsu Junmaishu

Rihaku junmaishuI had the pleasure of getting another chance to try the excellent Yakitori Totto on W. 55th Street. If you have not gone yet, give it a try. trust me. Scott and I were out with friends recently and we quickly powered through a carafe of Wakatake and thought it was time to move on to a bottle. In our price range, the only one they had in stock was something unfamiliar to me. It was a excellent Tokubetsu Junmai sake from Rihaku Brewery. “Tokubetsu” means ‘special sake’. I guess they are allowed to say that when there was some special brewing method.

The taste was full and round and it had a little bitty sweetness to the flavor which was nice. it went very well with the yakatori. We had grilled and/or fried everything. fish cakes, chicken meatballs, pork, asparagus – and Rihaku was a great complement. This sake bottle was a great blue color that almost glows. or maybe I was glowing from too many sips. In any case, it’s a great sake! so try it when you would like something with a pinch of sweet to cut some meaty fare.

Here is are the stats on Rihaku Tokubetsu Junmaishu
Rice Gohyakumangoku
Polished to 59%
ALC 15.5%
SMV +3
Acidity 1.6