Just a quick post today to show you the various sake bottle sizes available for purchase. Once you know your 720s from your 300s, you’ll never be in the dark about how much sake you’ll actually get when you buy a bottle. As always, comments and feedback are appreciated.

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  1. Jun Masuda
    Jun Masuda says:

    Keiko-senase tells me that Tim can read HIrakana.

  2. Jun Masuda
    Jun Masuda says:

    Ohayou gozaimasu. tomodachi ga kono burogu wo shoukai sitekureta node houmon simasita.
    I’m sure that you understand Japanese because my friend teaches…..
    Please say hello Keiko-Sense.

  3. buddhajesus.com
    buddhajesus.com says:

    Thank you for starting a podcast. It is a big commitment. I have been really busy with Japanese english teaching interviews at JET, NOVA, and AEON and now that I have a break I am starting homebrew again tonight. I will let you know how it comes out!

  4. Melinda
    Melinda says:

    He’s baaaaaaaack! Nice job as usual.

    The 1.8L “issho bin” is definitely the way to go with your favorite daily sake, if you have space. Since my fridge is almost as small as the ones you find in dorm rooms, it’s a bit harder for me, though.

    Looking forward to our next virtual tasting!

  5. KC
    KC says:

    Hi Tim,

    I can explain some of the mystery surrounding the odd sizes.

    When they measured rice for volume back in the day in Japan, they used a wooden box that was 180 ml in size (Japanese 1 cup). Of course, you see that wooden box nowadays in the form of “masu” or “sake by the box” at the restaurants.

    The common 720 ml you mentioned is also known as “yon-go” in Japanese, or something to the effect of “four-er,” to indicate four servings. You can then imagine that 1.8L is called “Ju-go,” in reference to 10 servings.

    500ml is half litre, not surprising figure since Japanese use metric measurements. It is bit unusual, though, that you very rarely see 1L size…

    I am not sure about the origin of the 300ml, aside from pointing out that it’s 1/6 of 1.8L…

  6. Scott
    Scott says:

    Wow! Nice new set. The bamboo plants look so great! Love the post and the bottle size education.

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