Sake and Kimono in the New York Times

On my sake adventures in Japan, I was lucky enough to attend ceremonies and sake events where I saw traditional men’s kimono up close. I was impressed by the beauty and tradition of the kimono and began reading up on it’s history and meaning. I thought it would be fun to wear Men’s kimono myself on my next trip to Japan, so I found a wonderful Kimono teacher right here in New York City, Hiromi Asai.

Hiro-sensei taught me not only how to put on a kimono, but also about the meaning of proportion and color in Kimono and just how nuanced that meaning could be. I was instantly reminded of the nuances in tasting beautiful sake. I love Japanese culture. Hiro-sensei was going to be interviewed and invited me to have another kimono lesson as a demonstration for the reporter. The video below is what resulted. While only indirectly related to sake, I hope you enjoy it!

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