Sake Tourism to Japan: Sake Journeys!

SakeJourneys_Logo_sq400Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Japan’s best Sake regions, meeting the sake brewers and drinking the very best sake on the planet? Now you can!

I hope you’ll consider joining me on our next Sake Journey to Japan from March 12-19! The best way to learn about our tour is to visit the Sake Journey’s website. You can see our Detailed itinerary and learn all the details! Here are some highlights:

  • You’re guided on the tour by Sake Samurais and sake experts Chizuko Niikawa and Timothy Sullivan. Learn about sake from industry experts in Japan!
  • Dive deep into the hidden world of Tokyo Izakaya (sake pubs). We’ll be guided by Izakaya expert Kiwako Kurashima
  • Meet Sake Brewery owners and workers and get the rare chance to watch their work up close.
  • Enjoy and savor the best sakes on the planet. You’ll taste rare and exotic sakes you cannot buy – even in Japan!
  • Visit Japan’s largest sake festival – Niigata’s SAKE NO JIN!
  • Tour behind the scenes at three magnificent Breweries: Hakkaisan, Nanbu Bijin and Dewazakakura.
  • Our very small tour size gives you lots of time for questions, fun and sharing sake!

The Tour cost includes all accommodations in Japan, almost all meals and all travel within Japan. See our itinerary for all details on costs. I hope you’ll consider joining our tour! I can’t wait to visit Japan’s Sake Country with you!!