Sake Twin Powers… Activate!

welcome.jpgMy first message from Melinda, the mastermind behind Tokyo through the Drinking Glass Blog, arrived in early July 2006. After a few messages back and forth it became clear that we were kindred sake otaku and so began our (online, 21st-century, cyber blogging) fast friendship.

Together with Melinda, we not only chatted back and forth but we also organized cyber sake tastings to help connect all the sake-interested bloggers in all parts of the world.

kimoto_genshu.jpgMs. “Drinking Glass” also did me the great honor of introducing me to her sake friends Rick and Hiroko here in New York who have now become dear friends of mine, too!

When word hit the sake underground that Melinda was headed to the US for a visit, I could hardly believe it. We were going to meet, as the kids text these days, “F2F”!

Rick and Hiroko arranged a wonderful night out to welcome Melinda to NYC and were kind enough to invite me along. This gave us all a wonderful evening to laugh and have a great time.

wt3.jpgNeedless to say, it was a blast to meet Melinda F2F and catch up after all these months of emailing. Our mutual passion for all things sake really makes us Sake Wonder Twins! Just Like Zan and Jayna! Ok, Melinda – can’t wait to see you again soon… and drink some urban sake on your home turf next time.