San Franciso: Sozai & Sake Story Dinner

sozai.gifSake Story Food and Sake Pairing

We are hosting sake importer Sake Story for a pairing of five of their breweries with four special tapas made by Chef Mari, and one Western tapas made by our guest Chef Jeff Banker, former executive chef of Home Restaurant. Call 681-7150 to make your reservation today.

Though Jeff has yet to confirm his dish, Chef Mari will be serving the following:

1) Wasabi-tossed organic beets in Belgian endive cups
2) Tuna Sashimi served with Yuzu Kosho Aioli and scallions
2) Yu Dofu (warm tofu) in a Shichimi Ponzu sauce
3) Chicken Roulade served wtih Vinegared Egg Yolk and a Wakame (seaweed) salad

Our guest from Sake Story, Kiyo Kojima, will be giving away bottles of sake to the most attentive audience members, so ask lots of questions!

As for free tickets, we have randomly selected Matt from San Francisco and Vincent from Palo Alto to receive one ticket each to next Wednesday’s event. I will give one free ticket to the first person to call the restaurant with the correct answer to this question: What is the name of the mountain range that is called “the Japanese Alps”? Hint: Take no Tsuyu Brewery is located in this region and gets its water from mountains in this range.

Tickets are $35.00

This will surely be a spectacular culinary evening, so we encourage you to call 415-681-7150 to make reservations, or RSVP via e-mail to [email protected].