Seattle: Sake Nomi Cinema – The Karate Kid Part II

sakenomi.gifSaké Nomi Cinema:
The Karate Kid Part II
Featuring Guest Appearance by Yuji Okumoto

We are incredibly excited to announce a special edition of Saké Nomi Cinema (aka “Movies to drink saké to”) to take place Wednesday, August 20 @ 7 p.m.

Not only will we be screening the 1986 classic “The Karate Kid Part II,” (known in Japan as “Best Kid Part 2”) we are also thrilled to welcome Yuji Okumoto, (the Seattle-based* actor who played Daniel-san’s teen nemesis, Chozen) to Saké Nomi. Yuji will be on hand to give us a little background on the film and to share some of his experiences working on major Hollywood films.

We’ll do our best to make the occasion something like a cross between “Inside the Actor’s Studio” and the saké-based version of “Cheers.”

Feel free to bring your favorite movie snack, camera, and autograph-worthy memorabilia, and please join us in welcoming Yuji-san to Saké Nomi on Wednesday, August 20.

*Yuji and his wife, Angie, own and operate Kona Kitchen, in Seattle’s Maple Leaf neighborhood. If you have a chance, please stop by and enjoy some Hawaiian and Japanese treats.

Sake Nomi
76 South Washington Street
Seattle, Washington 98104
Tel: 206-467-SAKE