September 2011 Sake Volunteer Project

When I first heard about the UK-based Japan Affairs Forum working on organizing a volunteer project focused on helping sake breweries, I knew I had to be involved. I think this will be an amazing opportunity to help Japan while we are there, but also learn about sake and the current challenges being faced in Tohoku. If you might be interested in joining this sake-focused volunteer action, contact Alex at [email protected] for more information and an application.

—September 2011 Sake Volunteer Project—

This September members of Action For Japan UK and the Japan Affairs Forum will be traveling to Miyagi and Iwate prefectures in Japan to work at the famous Nizawa Jozoten and Suisen sake breweries! What’s more, we are looking for people to join us!

For two weeks students will work alongside the experts, helping brew delicious rice wine, whilst aiding communities affected by the recent Tohoku earthquake. Although local infrastructure has been repaired the economic costs of the tsunami and earthquake continue to make life difficult for locals. Volunteers will provide invaluable relief through both cultural exchange and volunteer work itself.

The trip promises to be both a fun and rewarding experience and an outstanding chance to show your solidarity with the Japanese people. Furthermore, after the two weeks of work volunteers will have the chance to explore other areas of Japan with the help our Japanese student companions who will be volunteering alongside us, providing language and cultural assistance to those who have come to Japan for the first time. On the weekends we will be holding day trips, excursions to Japanese hot springs and visits to local schools.

The trip will be held from the 11th to 25th September, with an optional week afterwards. Volunteers will have to cover personal costs though we have secured cheap (yet comfortable) accommodation and will be able to advise on insurance and flight options. Moreover, there is chance that we will be able to subsides certain costs at a later date, hopefully through corporate sponsorship.

For information on the brewery itself visit:

If you are interested in joining us and want to hear more about sake itself, the fine details of the trip or anything else at all please contact Alex at [email protected]