Tasting Tenryo at Sakaya

Mr. Uenoda from Tenryo

I found myself in the east Village this past weekend and made it in time to stop by Sakaya for a nice tasting! This day, Rick and Hiroko were featuring a sake from the Tenryo Sake Brewery in Gifu, Japan. Mr. Matasuke Uenoda, Marketing Director from the Brewery was there to pour and introduce their delicious Tenryo Hidahomare Junmai Ginjo.

The sake catches your eye on the shelf. Each and every bottle comes swaddled in a cool bamboo sheath that you can certainly reuse as a neat catch-all when your sake is gone. The taste of this junmai ginjo is bold and has a nice flavor of rice on the mid palate. Overall smooth and very versatile. I imagine pairing this sake with many different foods!

Tenryo Junmai Ginjo

Again, I think here that versatility is the name of the game. The rice used here is also special – it’s a Gifu specialty known as “hidahomare” sake rice. Unique and only from Gifu.

If you haven’t had a chance to try Tenryo yourself, join me for a Tenryo Sake Tasting at Sakagura on July 31st 2012. Mr Uenoda promised me there would be delicious and exciting sake to try! Can’t wait to see what surprises await.