Dassai Lecture at The Brooklyn Kitchen

Dassai Sparkling!

Last night I spoke at a fun and unique Dassai Sake Brewery Tasting. The event was held at The Brooklyn Kitchen and featured four kinds of Dassai Sake, food cooked to prefection with Dassai Sake Lees by Chef Mori of Kyoya and outrageously awesome artisanal meats and cheeses.

I did a short lecture and slideshow featuring a sake 101 and showed some pictures from my visit to Dassai in Yamaguchi, so that all the guests could get a feel for the place that Dassai is made. Mr. Sakurai, 4th Generation Kuramoto from Dassai also spoke about his brewery’s policy on quality and wonderful ingredients.

Dassai Sakes served at this event:

This event was outrageously fun! There were so many unique tastes (Hello, hand-crafted Lamb Bacon!) that I felt as if I learned something new with each bite and sip. The class was split on their favorite Dassai! Some Loved the Dassai 23 while others swore allegiance to Dassai 50 and some were on my team – team Dassai 39! It’s all in good fun and I think everyone really enjoyed. Can’t wait for the next Dassai event! Check out the gallery below to see more pictures from the event.