Umenoyado at Matsuri

Matsuri Restuarant has been ramping up their sake events and I was delighted to attend a recent event there devoted to Umenoyado sake sponsored by Daiei Trading Sake Importers. I last had Umenoyado sake at a tasting event at Sakaya back in Feb 2009. It was there that I first met Mr. Moriura. Moriura-san did a great job presenting his sake and I loved getting to know the great Umenoyado sakes again.

With Moriura-san and Bizen Omachi

With Moriura-san and Bizen Omachi

Let’s take a look at the sakes we tasted at this great event:

ume no yado junmai ginjoUme No Yado Junmai Ginjo

This is perhaps the best known sake from Ume No Yado currently in the US.

What I like about it is the somewhat rich character and the fact that it doesn’t shy away from rice flavors. It’s extremely drinkable and very enjoyable.

umenoyado junmai_daiginjoUme No Yado Junmai Daiginjo Bizen Omachi

This is a delicious sake made with the rare but well known “Bizen Omachi” rice.

It’s hard to grow and gives this sake a beautifully unqiue taste. this Junmai Daiginjo is milled to an amazing 40%. Look for the signature smooth taste.

umenoyado_yuzuUme No Yado Yuzu-shu

Yuzu is a well known taste in Japanese cuisine, but less so here. it’s often called a “japanese lemon” and it a unique citrus worthy of your attention.

This low alcoholsake is made with the addition of fresh yuzu juice that is summed up in one word: “Refreshing”!

umenoyado_umeUme No Yado Ume-shu

This is a low alcohol Plum sake or “ume-shu”. It’s sweet without being overpowering and if you like the taste of plums, you in for a treat. Enjoy as dessert after a meal! And who better to explore what Ume can do than the Plum house itself “Ume no Yado”!

Sake Tasting

Sake Tasting

We've arrived at Matsuri

We've arrived at Matsuri