Urban Sake Upgrade 2013!

Geeking Out 2013!

Geeking Out 2013!

Back in 2006, just one year after starting my website, I was proud as a new papa of my fledgling Urban Sake website redesign. I was crowing about my new Sake Directory filled with a whopping 20 sakes! Well, as they say… times have changed!

I’ve known deep down it was time for a facelift, so instead of undergoing microdermabrasion myself, I directed my energies on a long overdue Urban Sake website overhaul. I’ve added a lot of new features and functions that I hope you will find useful for your sake learning and loving. Without futher ado, check out what awaits you in Urban Sake 2013. …and as always Kanpai!

Urban Sake 2013

1) Urban Sake Membership
You can now sign up for UrbanSake.com and become a FREE member. This allows you to establish a profile, record your tasting notes, communicate with and friend other members, add sake events as well as add sake locations to our City Guides. Check out the activity stream to see who’s doing what! You can also ask questions and get answers on our Urban Sake Forum.

2) Urban Sake Directory
Using the new and improved Urban Sake Directory, you can browse, research and comment on 500+ sakes. If you visit the directory home, you can use the filters on the right hand side to filter the results and browse through many sakes. For example, If you’re looking for a Daiginjo from Akita that uses Yamadanishiki sake rice, we’ve got you covered. You can also leave tasting notes, create custom sake lists and Mark sakes as your favorite. Keep all your sake stuff in one place!

3) Urban Sake Events Calendar
Visit my new and refreshed sake events listing to stay up to date on all the events happening around the nation related to sake. Don’t see your event listed? If you sign up as an Urban Sake Member, you are free to post your own events and get the word out about your sake happenings anytime! Let’s make some events happen!

4) Urban Sake City Guides
Want to know where to find a sake retail shop in Seattle? or sake bars in NY? or sake restaurants in Honolulu? Use our convenient Sake City Guides using google maps and directory listings to zero in on the best of the sake world wherever in the world you might find yourself. Don’t see your favorite sake place? No problem, you can add your favorite sake spots to our guide yourself. Let your fellow sake lovers know what you recommend!

I hope you’ll take the time to join us at Urban Sake and become a FREE member! If you have any questions about sake or about using our new website, don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to helping you discover your new favorite sake! Kanpai!