When Sake Hana talks, people listen! or at least rabid sake fans listen. I was happy to be on the Sake Hana email list to get a notice about a special event being held in their little sake hideaway.

Scott, Chizuko-san and I made our reservations for a special event: Naraman Muroka sake at different temperatures! Same sake – 5 different tastes.

Sake Sommelier Chizuko and Tim Enjoy Naraman

Sake Sommelier Chizuko and Tim Enjoy Naraman

Best part of all, Nobuo Shoji-san, Executive Director of Yumegokoro Sake Brewery – makers of Naraman – would be introducing all sake! Shoji-san gave us a fascinating overview of his Brewery and we sampled only Naraman Muroka sake with a little tuna sashimi and increasingly warm sake.

Here is an overview of the different sake temperatures:

Sake Naming and Temperature Chart
Japanese Name Celsius Fahrenheit English Name
Tobikirikan 55° C 133° F Very Hot Sake
Atsukan 50° C 122° F Hot Sake
Jokan 45° C 113° F Slightly Hot Sake
Nurukan 40° C 104° F Warm Sake
Hitohadakan 35° C 95° F Body Temperature
Hinatakan 30° C 86° F Sunbathing in Summer
Zuzuhie 15° C 59° F Cool autumn Breeze
Hanahie 10° C 51° F Blooming Spring Flower
Yukihie 5° C 41° F Falling Winter Snow

Honestly, I liked Naraman at all temperatures, but I think that hitohadakan (body temperature) was one of my favorite. Shoji-san was excited to try this temperature experiment with his sake, too. Everyone in attendance had a great time. I was left with the understanding that served warm or cold, Naraman is hot, hot, hot!

Shoji-san and Tim enjoying Naraman

Shoji-san and Tim enjoying Naraman

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