Sake Discoveries & Kaburaki Kutani Ware at BoConcept

Chizuko with Mr. Kaburaki

Last night was a night of beautiful sake and Kutani Porcelain at the elegant BoConcept store in Chelsea. Organized by our friend Chizuko of Sake Discoveries, the event featured a range of top end sakes and a display of gorgeous porcelain made by Kaburaiki Kutani Ware and on hand as a special guest was kinomo-clad Mr. Motoyoshi Kaburaki, the 8th generation owner.

The sakes presented were really an all star lineup! There was Dassai, Tengumai, Hakkaisan, Amabuki, Tatenokawa, Daishichi and Nanbu Bijin. I think that premium sake and the beautiful porcelain from Kanazawa was a match made in heaven. I am a firm believer that sake tastes better from more beautiful glassware. It certainly enhances the experience and heightens the senses.

The setting of BoConcept was also fun. It felt like being in an elegant Manhattan loft… well, one that had 7 stylish living rooms! Oh, and yummy hors d’oeuvres provided by Moto Creative Services. Loved the chicken teriyaki bites over rice.

All in all, a beautiful night of sake, fun and wonderful people… and it doesn’t hurt that I was able to pick out a new sofa and coffee table for my dream apartment along the way.

Learn more about Kaburaki Kutani Ware here:

Kaburaki Shoho Kutani Ware
1-3-16 Nagamachi,Kanazawa city, Ishikawa, 920-0865
Telephone +81 76 221 6666