Fukuju Sake Tasting at Sakaya

Mr. Kubota from Fukuju

Hyogo’s own Kobe Shushinkan Brewery recently made their debut of their “Fukuju” brand at New York’s most famous sake store Sakaya.

Mr. Kubota came directly from the Brewery to introduce his sakes here in New York. On this night, he was pouring Fukuju Mikageko Junmai and Fukuju Junmai Ginjo.

Fukuju Mikageko Junmai is an elegant but full bodied junmai sake. it was fun to try this sake at room temperature to really pick up on the lovely Hyogo rice taste on the palate. Hyogo Prefecture is so famous for rice, so this was a perfect fit.

The delicious Fukuju Junmai Ginjo was served slightly chilled which brought out the delicious fruity aromas and smooth body of this premium sake. Clean and beautiful, this sake is milled to an astounding 50% which lends such an air of elegance to this sake. It’s really enjoyable!

Be sure to check out Fukuju sake the next chance you get. The quality is superb and it’s a sake from the heart of Japan’s most famous sake rice region of Hyogo. Get ready to be wowed!