Kyoto Brewery Visit: Kinoshita Shuzo – Tamagawa

Earlier this year, Mr. Philip Harper, master sake brewer at Kyoto’s Kinoshita Sake Brewery came to NYC to promote his outstanding Tamagawa brand of sake. I used the opportunity to snag not only an interview with Philip, but also finagled an opportunity to visit his brewery in Kyoto.

Outside Kinoshita Shuzo, Makers of Tamagawa

When I was planning my trip to Japan, Philip warned me that his workplace was, well, let’s say ‘off the beaten path’. While it’s certainly within Kyoto Prefecture, it’s a solid 3 hour train trip each way from Kyoto City itself. I persevered, as there was, outside of touring the brewery and having the amazing opportunity to taste the full time of Tamagawa sakes, one thing driving me: the chance to taste the famous Tamagawa sake soft serve ice cream, which I really enjoyed.

Below is a gallery of photos from Tamagawa. Check them out and be sure to give Philip’s sake a try if you can. It’s unique, bold and really popular on both sides of the pond. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to taste the aged sakes. My special thanks to Philip Harper and Kinoshita Brewery for the wonderful tour, which I won’t soon forget.