S. and I both looked at each other and said “mmmmmmm….” The “smooth type” Sake at Tomoe was simply, in a word, amazing. You know, to this day, I still don’t know the brand name of the Sake we had that night, but it was utterly, totally and perfectly delicious. A perfect compliment to the perfect sushi. S. made a big impression on me on that 5th date. I hadn’t seen the value of waiting on line for an hour for sushi until I had the best sushi of my life. I saw the allure of the foodie lifestyle… then I realized the downside. Once you taste the very best, everything else becomes second runner up . It’s funny, I had that amazing Mystery Sake that night… It was a standout, but I didn’t think much of it at the time. S. and I were focused on the Sushi. The Sake was the elegant, unobtrusive, velvety support of the main course. Now I see, of course, that this is the very reason it was perfection. after that dinner i was in a kind of stupor/high/coma situation – reeling from the joys of the meal. But over the next couple of months when we recalled that dinner, we always said -“… and that sake was so yummy… who knew it could taste that good?” Little did I know that carafe was my first step down the path to sake infatuation.

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  1. yara
    yara says:

    Hi, I just ate at Douzo the other night.. and loved their Moon Rabbit Sparkling Sake.. any ideas on where I can order/buy some of that stuff? thanks

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  1. […] Mystery Sake Revealed.. Posted by Timothy | Contact Me I got my chance to return to the city’s number 1 japanese restaurant, Tomoe, and finally – once and for all- find out the name of that proto-sake I tasted there. That was the first premium I have ever had. It was delicious enough, especially with tomoe sushi, to get me really interested in premium rice wine in the first place. On my Last trip to Tomoe Scott and I enjoyed it a lot but we promptly forgot the name and went on about our lives. flash forward 8 months and now Sake has a major interest of mine as I fumble along and try to learn more. needless to say, I was curious. what was that sake that started the entire Urban Sake Blog Empire you see before you now? […]

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