Hi! If you’ve found this blog, you must have some interest in Sake. Well, so do I. Well, more than an interest. It’s a growing interest bordering on infatuation. I’m just a beginner and kind of intimidated by the vast universe of Sake knowledge, but I’ve decided to get serious about casual Sake habit. This blog is going to be my tasting journal, testing ground and diary as I learn everything I possibly can about fermented rice wine and profile any Sake I can get my hands on.

Everything i’ve learned about Sake, other than “it’s a rice wine that comes from Japan”, I learned in the last 2 months. let’s get up to speed…

Where did it all start? I think it started on the 5th date. It was the evening I had with current boyfriend S. at the amazing gem of a japanese restaurant Tomoe. S. is a total foodie and I am not, but I went along and stood in line for an hour to have sushi on our 5th date. We decided to splurge and we got a carafe of the most expensive sake of the three available on the menu to go with the amazing sushi. the only description of the Sake was a handmade cardboard sign of the wall that said “smooth type”. we thought that was a better bet over “fruity type”. We raised our glass for a toast and took a sip…

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