How does rice impersonate grapes- Welch’s Sake?

Ok, never ever ever ever buy sake based on low price alone. I made this mistake this past weekend. I was at my favorite Sake shop Landmark with S. on sunday and I picked up a Nigori for thanksgiving. I wanted something else to sip on during the week after work, and I didn’t want to spend a ton. um, big mistake. Now, the guys at Landmark are great! They did not try and sell me this stuff, it was totally 100% my own choice. I’m seeing more and more you really get what you pay for. I got 500 ML for about $23. It’s a junmai. I feel my headache from tomorrow already pounding. So far I only have gotten hang overs from Junmai sake. I really think I’m safe here tho… look at the ALC content.

here are the stats:

Ichinokura “himenzen” sake: Junmai
8% ALC by volume

Ok, I’ll cut to the chase. this sake ain’t my bag. It takes like grape juice. Ok, I’ll give it some props… It is utterly amazing to me that rice can be made into something that tastes like $2 white wine that comes out of a cardboard box, but someone made it happen! The aroma of this sake is much better than the taste. the bottle says “rich type” “Citrus Flavor” ok, i don’t taste any citrus. I get grapes. no finish. Welch’s !
SO, I do have something to sip on after work this week… but I won’t be happy. You gotta kiss a lotta frogs before you find that prince of sakes

WANTED dead or alive in 7 states:
for impersonating Welch’s grape juice

My Saké Rating:
A lowly 1.5 saké bottles
[rate 1.5]