A real Jizake?

I picked up this sake at my trip to Mitsua on Nov 12. What caught by eye about this one was the big “Jizaki” sticker on the front of the label. I’ve learned this means a regional or local sake. What this really means is sake produced in small-ish traditional breweries.

What are the chances that this imported sake with English on the import label was really a hand crafted small production Sake from a traditional sake microrbrewery? I guess it all boils down to how you define Jizake, eh?

Well, upon closer inspection, Jizake Inc is the name of the IMPORTING company. Kaori is the name of the sake as best I can tell and it is a Junmai Ginjo. The producer of this sake is Yamagata Honten CO. in Yamaguchi. Sake Meter Value is +3 Alc. content is 14.5% A suggested food paring is “Squid and celery salad” … Oh shoot, I just had that last night! 😉 The label aslo says “Smooth type” just like that mystery sake that started my obsession. BUT, this one isn’t anywhere near the same.

BUT – how does it taste? Kaori has a very round smooth taste but it had a finish that tasted a little “frement-y” to me. not entirely unpleasant but I don’t think this will be one of my all time favorites. still on the hunt for a real jizake… I’ll probably have to hit Japan first. Hey – what about a trip to Japan. when money allows, I’d love to. stay tuned…