Bodai-moto is an ancient and complex fermentation starter method. You can consider it a pre-cursor to the Kimoto method which was invented in the Edo period. Nowadays, it is very rare, but some sake is still made using this method.

To create Bodai-moto, raw rice and a bit of steamed rice are left to soak in a small tub with water. While soaking, this water becomes rich in natural lactic acids given off by latic acid bacteria. After about three days, the rice is removed from the water and steamed.

Next, in the Moto tank, the Latic acid rich water is mixed with the steamed rice, some koji rice and yeast to create the moto. The latic acid in the water kills wild yeast and stray bacteria in the moto and allows the sake yeast to propagate without much microbial competition.

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