NYC: Elements of Sake Class

tim_photo.jpg Elements of Sake Class!

Please join me!! I am teaching a sake 101 class at the new Astor center called the “Elements of Sake” This class is a fun, informative and tasty way to dive into the world of premium sake. I’ll walk you through every step of the sake production process to show you how master brewers go from rice and water to what the Japanese call “the drink of the gods.” Next, I’ll demystify the various sake classifications to help you find the brews that fit your taste and your budget. Finally, we’d never leave out the delicious sake tastings that will help you evaluate and enjoy the ever-increasing variety of sakes that are becoming available. Kanpai!

This class takes place at Astor Center. Tickets required. Cost $65

Please visit the website to Register for this class

399 Lafayette St. NY, NY 10003 (At East 4th Street) PHONE: (212) 674-7501