NYC: Sake Temperatures Tasting


Do you like Hot Sake? Maybe you do.. but knowing not to go too hot is key.

Come find out why. The Japanese Culinary Center presents “How to pick and drink sake at it’s opportune temperature”. You will be amazed at how big a difference temperature plays in the taste of a good sake.

Warmed sake, known as “Kanzake”, can especially help warm your body during the harsh winter season. Come join us for a night of “Kanzake” and “Tori Nabe” (Japanese Chicken Hot Pot)

We hope you all enjoy this seasonal specialty and discover your favorite sake serving temperatures.

Thursday, February 4th 2010

Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Location: Japanese Culinary Center

711 3rd Ave. New York, NY 10017 (On 45th St. Btw. 2nd & 3rd Ave.)

Price: $40 per person

Seats: 30 available

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Tasting Types

SAKE (Selection from SAKAYA TOP 10 in 2009)

“DRUNKEN WHALE” Suigei Tokubetsu Junmai from Kochi prefecture

“OTTER FEST” Dassai 50 Junmai Daiginjo

“KIKUSUI IN A CAN” Funaguchi Honjozo Nama Genshu

Food Paring

Tori Nabe (Chicken Hot Pot) and Zousui (Rice Porridge)