Sake Tasting at the Brooklyn Kitchen

This past Saturday, the Brooklyn Kitchen hosted a sake tasting. The 3 hour tasting cost a mere $25 and was sincerely an amazing opportunity to meet some sake brewers live and in person and immerse yourself the intoxicating world of Nihonshu. So, as you can well imagine, this Manhattanite I got out his passport and headed across the river to Williamsburg.

Brooklyn Kitchen is an amazing place – consider it a grocery store/artisanal butcher/cooking school/event space. When I arrived, the space was packed to the rafters with Brewers… and hipsters! But all joking aside, it was wonderful to see so many younger folks literally lining up to try sake. The brewers pouring on this day came from all over Japan and there were a lot of diverse styles to taste.

I enjoyed all the sakes I got to try, but it was a special treat to re-visit some of my tried and true favorites! Of course, just the day before this event in Brooklyn, I had a blast at Sakagura’s Kagatobi Night, and lo and behold, they were here again serving their delicious Kagatobi Ai Junmai Daiginjo. I also always enjoy seeing Mr. Shoji from Yumegokoro Brewery, makers of Naraman, serving his delicious Naraman Bin Hiire Muroka Junmai.

Other treats included meeting the Toji (Master Brewer) of Echigo Denemon Brewery Mr. Ozaki. He was very keen on practicing his English and I asked him about the long hours a Toji puts in on the job – It’s hard work, but – in any language – you can’t argue with the results!

I also enjoyed catching up with Ms. Funyu from Urakasumi Brewery. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year during our 2011 sake volunteer trip to support Tohoku. Urakasumi is always a wonderful treat… a delicious brew from Miyagi! Funyu-san updated me on the progress of reconstruction at the Brewery – the news was good and all construction and repairs are almost completely done! Great!

Before too long, it was time to head back into Manhattan after this fun afternoon of sake sipping, Billyburg-style. I hope Brooklyn Kitchen plans many more sake events in the future. Can’t wait to try more sake across the River!