San Francisco: Takenotsuyu Tasting

sozai.gif2nd Annual Take no Tsuyu Sake Pairing and Lecture this Sunday!!!
Sake Pairing with Take-no-Tsuyu Brewery from Yamagata, Japan
This month, we have a special guest from Japan to do the pairing. Masao Aisawa was with us a year ago, providing wonderful sake. We’d like to continue this tradition of having him this year again. Over the brief history of Sozai Restaurant, Take no Tsuyu (Bamboo Tears) Junmai has become the “Sake of the Inner Sunset,” a huge hit with anyone seduced to try it by General Manager Gil Payne. It is Sozai’s top selling Sake, and Gil’s absolute favorite sake to have with Izakaya-style tapas! To take advantage of Take no Tsuyu owner, Masao-san’s brief visit to the Bay Area, we once again have the honor of inviting you to experience a sake pairing with five of his wonderful sakes with four specially crafted tapas plates by Chef Mari. You’ll have the added benefit and honor of meeting him and hearing the story of this outstanding kura from Yamagata-ken. We are also inviting a secret, special guest Chef, who will pairs his/her wonderful food with Genzo Haguro Honjozo!!!

When: Sunday, June 14th, 6 – 8 PM, Sozai Restaurant and Sake Lounge, Irving@16th Ave.

How Much: $40 per person for four sakes and four plates, plus welcome sake. Regular menu including Dine About Town menu to be available following the tasting. Pairing:

Take-no-Tsuyu Junmai – Welcome SakeOkuribito – Chasen Nasu (Deep Fried Eggplant in Dashi Broth)

Hakuro Suishu Junmai Ginjo – Local Halibut with Ume and Shiso

Yuki Honaka Junmai Hatsushibori – Chicken and Burdock Roulade, Sansho

Genzo Haguro Honjozo – a wonderful Chef’s surprise

Who to contact: For reservations, call Sozai at 415-681-7150. You will be contacted back for confirmation and payment..

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