Totto Take Me Away!

totto_logo001.jpgI live in the Chelsea area of Manhattan and I really love my neighborhood. I love it so much I live and work here. It’s honestly one of my true luxuries that I can walk just a few blocks to work. I know those 3 blocks between my apartment and my day job very well.

Recently, however, I went for some training that took me out of my cozy little nest. I spent three days 9-to-5-ing in Midtown…Times Square no less! The crush of people and screeching taxis made Chelsea seem like a peaceful hamlet.

azumaichi_bottle.jpgAt the end of my first day of training my brain was fried and I was far from home and starving for some dinner. I felt I really deserved, and needed, a treat to sooth me and make it all better.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks – I was nearby one of my favorite places – Yakitori Totto. I walked over there and arrived just before they opened. I got a spot at the bar for the first seating and soon things started to look a little bit rosier.

Of course, I knew I needed a sake asap! I looked at the menu and decided to try something I’ve never had before. This is a move I call “Japanese Roulette”.

After checking over the sake menu in detail, I went with a glass of Azumaichi Junmai Ginjo ( SMV ±0, Acidity 1.6, Seimaibuai 65%, Saga Prefecture). The best word to describe this taste is “Jammy”. totto_carafe.jpgI didn’t know if I should drink this or spread it on toast. It’s thick and very fruity. The fruitiness comes across mostly on the palate as this ginjo only has a light fragrance. I think I would classify this as a good option when you’re in the mood for a sipping sake that you enjoy without food.

The food I had at Totto was beyond yummy as usual, but these fried and deeply flavored foods were not a dream marriage with the Azumaichi fruit bomb. Too much battling going on for flavor in the mouth. I think this sake would have worked better with a plain chicken yakitori that was simply grilled.

When I finished my secret, solo get-away to Totto, I felt refreshed, full and ready to take on city stress with the best of ’em! Bring it, Midtown!