The idea behind our International Cyber Sake tasting is to have sake bloggers from all over the world taste the same sakes on the same evening and report in on their blogs as to how these sakes stacked up in their part of the world. To get an idea of how Manhattan reacted to these sakes, check out the video below. When you’re done, hop on over to Tokyo Through the Drinking Glass, The Sake Diaries, Shizuoka Sake, TokyoFoodcast and Itadakimasu for other reactions.

Have you tried any of these sakes? Let me know what you think!

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  1. Melinda
    Melinda says:

    Rockin’! Great presentation. Did you try any of the sake later on? If yes, any changes in your opinions?

    I guess that the Suigei Junmai was so dry that it might not have seemed as “junmaippoi” as others. Also, the seimaibuai is pretty low. But the acidity is definitely there in full force.

    So, Tim, now that you’ve met so many of my friends, we MUST get together soon!!

  2. Etsuko
    Etsuko says:

    Hi Tim, Ogenkidesuka? Great video cast! I am curious where you got that map of Japan. So nicely put together as always. Suigei Junmai was very dry and balanced and not so much of “Junmai-ppoi” taste. I really don’t think I would have guessed it right.

  3. Timothy
    Timothy says:


    I’m glad to hear that East of the east river is in the same ballpark as over here. I’m delighted to get the thumbs up form a video professional! I try my best!

  4. Timothy
    Timothy says:

    Hi At-Chew! You must come by soon and try some koshu!

    Thanks for coming to my tasting! look forward to the next one.

  5. Rick & Hiroko
    Rick & Hiroko says:

    Hi Tim,
    We loved your post! Interestingly, we east of the East River we had much in common with your panel’s assessments.

    Hiroko sends her compliments on your video work and editing too! (I agree but as a former professional, her opinion counts for more) 🙂

    Looking forward to doing some tasting (drinking?) together with you soon!

    Rick & Hiroko

  6. At-chew
    At-chew says:

    My dearest Tim!

    This is awesome!!
    I like this presentation very much.Nice idea!
    And thanks again to having me @ sake tasting.

    I am looking forward to seeing you and drinking with you again.

  7. Scott
    Scott says:

    A nice idea about “vertical” tastings and even more fun to be at the event with some other sake-philes. Nice post Timothy.

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